Virtual Circumnavigation

I am over half way around the world in my virtual Boeing 777-200.  I made short hops across the U.S. until I got to Duluth.  From there, I flew straight to Anchorage Alaska.  From there I flew to Saint Paul Island, Alaska, then to someplace in northern Russia.  From there I flew to Tokyo, then to Bangkok.  From Bankgkok I flew to Auckland New Zealand.  My intention was to fly to several places in New Zealand but instead I flew all the way to Kanthmandu, Nepal.  I actually crashed on my approach to Kathmandu.  Since then, I’ve attempted many landings there.  It is, indeed, one of the most difficult airports in the world to approach and land at.

So, I still sit in Vinhuvan Airport in Kathmandu.  Mount Everest is a mere 100 miles away.