Bern 172 Second Attempt

I made another attempt at the Bern 172 task this afternoon and did pretty well this time.  I’m still over six minutes behind Sandor Laurinyecz but he’s in another league (although I have beaten him a few times).  I used the same strategy this time as last but this time I used thermals to gain altitude and the ridges to keep it.  I also worked several hot spots along ridges and tried to keep my altitude high.

Although I was in third place, I was 10 seconds faster than second place.  I lost on points though.  I was penalized 3 points for entering a cloud briefly.

Below is a comparison between my first track (red) and my second (blue).  On the final leg, you can see that I used one thermal.  I debated whether to cross the ridge where I did or to go just to the right of my track, following closer to the rum line (purple line between TP2 and the finish.


Bern 172 Team SA race

I just made my first attempt at this race.  I was a good part of the way along on the second leg when I took a stupid risk trying to swoop over a ridge and crashed!  You can see that my strategy here was to take the shortest route to the windward ridge that was perpendicular to the wind.  If I had headed directly toward turn point 1 I would have had to cross a 2100m ridge from the windward side!  It didn’t work out too badly but the ridge lift was much less than I anticipated.  I wonder if the amount of ridge lift you get in proportion to the wind is scenery dependent—or maybe I just got bad luck with the random weather.  This was the WestSwiss scenery.