Condor reinstallation and UB DirectPlay8 Error

I re-installed Condor yesterday using my original installation directory on D:\Condor. Condor is pretty slow to open in a task from large HD sceneries like Arc Alpin (AA). I didn’t want to install on my C:\ drive (which is the Samsung NVMe SSD drive) because of potential space problems. Today, I tried to join a task from one of the public servers. When I clicked on the join button I received this error:

I searched the web for a solution and the simplest one was the one that worked. That was to simply open “Turn Windows Features On or Off” from the control panel; scroll down to the Legacy Components setting and click DirectPlay:

Before trying this fix I uninstalled Condor from the D:\ drive and installed it on C:\Condor.

The next problem was that, since I had moved the Condor directory from c:\ to d:\, the goodies downloads stopped working. I tried several things, including using MS Edge instead of Chrome, none of which worked. Finally I decided to search the registry for an instance of CTDB. I found one that showed the goodies location at d:\condor\goodies. I changed the ‘d’ to a ‘c’ and that fixed the problem!

And, by the way, Condor and tasks don’t seem to load much, if any faster, from the SSD!

Preparing to build a new computer

I am doing much research into building a new computer. I’ve been working with pcpartpicker, Tom’s Hardware, and other sites. pcpartpicker is really nice and a great help. Thank you pcpartpicker!

One of my conundrum has been deciding among so many choices for motherboards. Specs I see for Asus motherboards costing $385 seem pretty much the same as those costing $175, so what, exactly, is the difference?

Here is an article I just found that I hope will answer some of my questions.

And here is a breakdown of all Corsair coolers.

Strix Z270E Gaming has wifi and bluetooth, excellent audio with noise suppression.