Our Pearl White Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD has arrived

I got a call from the truck driver delivering the Model 3 a little before 9 am this morning. He said he would be here in about 20 minutes. He showed up about 30 minutes later. I just read a thread on the Tesla Motors Club forum last night about someone who bought the exact same car as ours and took delivery in Vancouver, B.C. He ended up rejecting it because it had so many problems including alignment of body panels, etc. I can’t find the thread now!

Anyway, while not perfect ours was pretty decent.

Our Tesla Model 3 is being delivered tomorrow!

I received a message at 10:30 am today that our car will be delivered sometime tomorrow! I sort of can’t believe it. I learned that it won’t have any type of temporary registration since we are Vermont residents and the car is coming from Massachusetts. I’ll have to go to the DMV (luckily very near to us) and register it. I assume I will also have to get it inspected!

I just placed an order for a Tesla Model 3!

We placed an order for a Tesla Model 3 Long Range (310 mi), white with black interior two days ago. We paid a lot more than we were planning to but decided that the extra range and AWD was very important for our location in Vermont. I just hope that we can get it before June 30th, otherwise we will miss out on the $3,750 federal tax credit!

French Charcuterie and referring to white and dark meat

Here are two links to articles by Camille Chevalier-Karfis on her web site, French Today Although I haven’t pursued Camille’s learning materials as much as I would like to, I really admire her approach to learning french. Her emphasis is on learning to speak and comprehend the french that people actually speak, rather than the academically correct version that we mostly learn in school.

Camille sends out a newsletter by email with a different focus each time. Here are a couple of article’s about food featured in a recent newsletter. I well remember seeing the Charcuterie shops when I was in France in 1964 but I never actually knew how the word was translated! 

Charcuterie are french cold cuts:



Finally Condor version 2 has been released–well last month actually!

I can’t believe I missed its release by about a month but, yes, Condor version 2 was released last February 21st! I deliberately curbed myself from repeatedly checking due to lack of optimisim that it would be released any time soon!

I have not yet spent $60 to buy it. One of the reasons is that, from what I have seen so far, those who have purchased it are not praising it wildly. In fact, there seems to be a lot of disappointment. I have tried to go back and read forum messages that give impressions. I still have a lot to read but most messages seem to be of the variety–this isn’t working or, does it have this, or when will this be ready, etc.

From images and videos I have seen so far, the clouds look ridiculous, like cotton balls, and there are many complaints that it is difficult or impossible to tell whether a cloud is building or dying!

Over all, my impression is that the new model represented by this version makes improvements much easier and the developers have promised that improvements will be coming soon.

The other reason I haven’t bought it yet, is that I am very into X-Plane now. I’m having a great time trying to master the ASDG Super Cub at the moment.

Announcing the Socata TBM 900!

This looks really exciting! You can read the description here. It sounds like a very ambitious project. So much so, that I will remain sceptical. At the same time I really hope it succeeds and I am already impatiently awaiting the release this summer. Again, I have to be sceptical. If everything that is promised is actually implemented successfully, this will be by far the most advanced X-Plane add-on yet! I really, really hope they succeed!