Tips on using AP (Auto Pilot) on the Ramzzess 777 Boeing Worldliner Professional


AP or A/P – Autopilot

FBW – Fly By Wire

Even with A/P engaged, FBW (Fly By Wire) will sense your control input.

If you do not center your mouse-yoke when activating the A/P, you will be sending a constant nose-up input. That means, you are permanently exerting a control force on the yoke, which is sensed by the FBW. The A/P might or might not have enough power to trim against it.

In the real world, there is a very simple rule: Give the A/P a well trimmed airplane, and the A/P will return you a well trimmed airplane.

That means, if you engage the A/P, you should have little to no control force at all. Translated to your mouse-yoke that means the mouse yoke should be completely centered when engaging the A/P. That in turn protects you from nasty surprises when disengaging the A/P.


FMS data updates for Ramzzess Boeing 777 for X-Plane

You can download new data for the Ramzzess Boeing 777 from the Navigraph web site. Navigraph supplies FMS data  and aeronautical charts for aircraft simulations only. They are not for real world aviation! Scroll down the page until you come to this entry:


They offer several different subscriptions.

They recommend backing up before installing the updates. My computer is still backing up so I haven’t installed them yet. There is no exe installer as the instructions seem to imply. I’m just going to merge the files into the “777 Worldliner Professional” folder.