This blog has been moved to a new hosting service

Yesterday I took out a two year contract with  My two year contract with JustHost has run out and I wanted to try a new service.  BlueHost was one of the top three services recommended on both the drupal and wordpress sites.  The web site is very no-nonsense, much unlike JustHost which reeks of sleazy advertising and deals.  On the other hand, I must say that when I asked them for a few things necessary for transferring my domain, they have been really good.  JustHost seems to be more aimed at a person without much knowledge.  BlueHost seems more professional and relies more on the user’s knowledge.

My two year contract with BlueHost was a little bit more expensive then JustHost ($94 vs $70—both dirt cheap) but BlueHost includes ssh access to your sites, whereas it’s a $20 annual option with JustHost.