Xmas Cup 2013

I just registered for a short race series called the Xmas Cup 2013. It is organized by Eric Pravnozky, the same guy that organized the Fatra Cup.  The location is New Zealand. All tasks start from Omarama airport, a major glider and glider competition site. The tasks are between 300km and 400km using 18 meter gliders. As with the Fatra cup, you have to use the same glider model for the whole series.

There are four tasks starting December 27th on consecutive days. Then there will be a 500 km race on January 1st.

Cockpit of a typical modern glider (Glaser-Dir...
Cockpit of a typical modern glider (Glaser-Dirks DG-101G ELAN). Click on the image for an explanation of the instrumentation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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